Estate Planning Seminar at Gusto's

We were treated to a fabulous lunch and in-depth insight into estate Planning at Gusto Trattoria in Milford. Attorney Bryan Etter of Legacy Law Partners, North Haven, joined us to take us through the finer details of the complex and often delicate process of preparing our estates. One of the essential elements of financial planning is estate planning, and attendees had many great questions for Attorney Etter and Roberta.  

Christina also outlined our new estate planning kits that have become her passion project over recent months. We aim to provide clients with the information and guidance they need to give themselves and their families peace of mind and security during the most challenging stages of life. Remember, we are here to help you leave the legacy you want, so talk to us about how you can ensure your affairs are in order. 

Once again, our deepest thanks to Ellen and the team at Gusto's for another fantastic event, it's a great venue, and we love hosting clients there. We'd also like to thank Bryan and James from Legacy Law for the insightful presentation and great interaction with our clients. And, of course, to everyone that attended, asked questions, and participated in discussions - you're the reason we do this; thank you for making it so worthwhile!